National Animal Supplement Council

Thank you for considering membership in the National Animal Supplement Council. Whether you are an animal owner that depends on health supplements for your extended family member or a responsible industry participant, our organization takes action to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Our primary goal is to work cooperatively with state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.
  2. We seek to create a regulatory environment that is fair, reasonable, responsible and nationally consistent.
  3. We welcome all participants that supply, sell or depend on products similar to dietary supplements for humans; however, our scope is limited only to animals which are not intended for human consumption, such as dogs, cats and horses.
  4. Our Primary Supplier members are dedicated to providing products with integrity and value, and operating responsibly.
  5. We support justified actions; however, we diligently work to ensure the continued availability of products that our stakeholders depend on.

As an organization, several things are clear. Our collective success is enhanced by increasing our membership at all levels. Millions of consumers and numerous businesses in the global marketplace are affected by this issue. We would be pleased to have you join our organization and help support the efforts of our industry. After all, at the end of the day the animals themselves benefit most.

There are four categories of membership in NASC:

I. Primary Supplier - companies involved in supplying animal health supplements. If your company sells products under your label as a manufacturer, bottler, labeler, re-packer or raw material supplier, or if you formulate products, you must join NASC as a Primary Supplier. Primary Suppliers are required to adhere to NASC's quality standards, which include submitting to an independent audit to ensure compliance with quality system requirements, and pay monthly dues.  Primary Supplier membership in NASC is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

II. Associate Member - businesses involved in selling or distributing these products as distributors, dealers, retailers, or internet or catalog companies.  No fees are required to join.

III. Veterinarian - professional health care providers for companion animals and horses. No fees are required to join.

IV. Animal Friend - animal owners, consumers, breeders, groomers, trainers, owners of kennels and horse boarding facilities, and others who support NASC objectives. No fees are required to join.

To become a member of NASC and help ensure the continued availability of these products, click the link below for your membership level to view the benefits and requirements. We look forward to having you join our group.

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