Farnam Companies, Inc. (Sure Nutrition, Vita Flex & EquiCare)


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About Farnam Companies, Inc. (Sure Nutrition, Vita Flex & EquiCare)

Protect your horse against flies and other biting insects that pose a major health risk. Flies carry a number of dangerous diseases that become more of a problem as fly populations increase. With Farnam’s well-rounded selection of fly control products, you can protect your horse on multiple fronts using fly sprays, wipe-ons, ointments, lotions, roll-ons, fly masks, spot-ons and feed-thru fly control products. The best fly control defense attacks flies on all fronts: on your horse, in the barn and around outdoor areas. With Farnam® products in your arsenal, the time you spend with your horse will not be disturbed by flies.

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